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Industrial Controls

Embedded Product Design in Industrial Control

  • In Industrial Control. BloomConn's focus is on the design and of products for use in automation and control such as PLC, Data acquisition systems, industrial safety systems, Motion controllers, and others.

  • BloomConn has expertise in hardware design, embedded software development, and enclosure design, and can deliver complete products certified for operation under specific environmental conditions.

  • BloomConn can also leverage its expertise in horizontal technologies such as DSP, Image processing, Machine vision, and others and can support the implementation of solutions for end-of-line testing in manufacturing for validation and quality assurance.

PLC and Data Acquisition Systems

  • Irrespective of the size of an operation, programmable logic controllers are critical components in any Industrial Control system.

  • With a combination of expertise in embedded technologies and Industrial Control domains, BloomConn can provide engineering support for the design and development of reliable PLCs and data acquisition systems.

  • Familiarity with the quality standards for operation under extreme environmental conditions has enabled BloomConn to deliver products tested for compliance.

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