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Hardware design Services

Bloomconn offer complete services for hardware design as per customer requirements. Our experts can design hardware from Reference Design to Evaluation Board to Prototype of a product and Final product.

Bloomconn team can help in Feasibility analysis, Component selection, optimization for Bill of Material, Performance analysis and optimization as per requirement, benchmarking, etc. We can even help in production and testing of the hardware.

Development Expertise Using

  • Processors like x86, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC as well as various Microcontrollers

  • DDR2/3/4, Flash and high-speed memories

  • Interfaces such as PCI Express, USB, Ethernet, etc.

  • PCIe based cards

Software QA and Testing Services

With increasing complexity of products, testing, regression and quality assurance has become extremely important part of development cycle. Each defect or bug now becomes very costly in terms of money, effort and time. Detecting them at earliest possible stage of design cycle is extremely important.

Our team of expert embedded engineers can define and develop complete test suite to achieve highest product quality. We have developed test suites based on requirements for unit testing, performance testing, stress testing, compliance testing, etc. Our emphasis on automation has helped improve speed and quality of testing dramatically.

Bloomconn can also help in getting various certifications.

Firmware Development Services

Bloomconn offers Firmware and System Software development services for embedded products in various verticals like Wireless, Networking, Multimedia, etc. Our expert engineering team can take up full responsibility of any or all of firmware development services mentioned here.

  • Board Support Packages (BSP) development

  • Device Drivers development

  • RTOS porting and optimization

  • Middleware development and integration

  • Embedded Application development

  • Performance optimization

  • Testing and Certification

  • Team has developed firmware on processor platforms like x86(Intel/AMD/VIA), ARM, MIPS, DSP, PowerPC, etc. in various RTOS such as Linux, VxWorks, Android, Nucleus, etc.

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