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Analog Mixed Signal Design

RF / Analog

The BloomConn analog team is well versed in analog layout and in AMS modeling and verification. Our Layout expertise includes In-depth expertise on RF, Analog and Power management IPs including PLLs, DC-DC Convertors, DLLs, LDOs, etc in all the leading foundries in all the technology nodes. Our AMS expertise includes both modeling and verification

Analog, RF, Power Management IC, Memory

SerDes, LDO, BGR, DC-DC Converters, Phase Interpolator, ADC, DAC, PLL, Power Regulators, SRAM

Mixed Signal – VHDL, Verilog AMS, WREAL, SystemVerilog Net type

Analog – Verilog A

Expertise in Verilog, VHDL, SV, and UVM

AMS Verification with Models and Digital designs – Digital/Analog Top

Verification with Analog Models and SPICE

SerDes, ADCs, DACs

IC – LDO, Buck/Boost, ChargePump, Fuel Gauges, GPIOs etc

Mixed Signal

Bloomconns offers design services in the Analog domain covering analog design, Layout & verification. The team is proficient in Memory Design, High Speed I/F, IO, Power Management and Library Development. Apart from design, the team is also capable of developing electrical accurate analog models in industry standard languages and enabling a coverage driven verification methodology for verifying these models.

  • Analog IP design

  • Library Development (Std Cell, IO's, and Memories)

  • Standard Cell characterization

  • Test chips

  • AMS Modelling & Verification

  • Process Migration of libraries

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